1. PCR (Nasal Swab) Testing

It may surprise you to learn that the procedure known as polymerase chain reaction, or PCR (the nasal swab “test”), was never intended to be a positive/negative diagnostic test at all. (See “Extras” below.) Then what is it for? Viruses… Continue Reading

2. Case Counting

Throughout the pandemic, the reported numbers of Covid-19 cases have been grossly inflated. Not only were “confirmed” cases based on inappropriate use of PCR (the nasal swab test), which was never intended to diagnose infection, but early in 2020, the… Continue Reading

3. Death Counting

The subject of Covid-19 deaths is a sensitive one. Losing a loved one to illness is a painful experience, and raising questions about the validity of the official cause of death is understandably seen as callous or uncaring. More aggravating… Continue Reading

4. Event 201

It may sound like something from a sensational tabloid headline, but world leaders really did meet in October 2019 – a couple of months before the first Covid-19 case was diagnosed – to simulate a worldwide coronavirus pandemic, complete with… Continue Reading

5. Vaccine Info

NOTE: This website was always intended as stand-alone reference material, and I had no intention of adding to it or keeping it “current.” However, the following information is of such magnitude that I felt an update was essential. UPDATE 3-15-2022:… Continue Reading

6. Corporate Media

Despite slogans like “The Most Trusted Name in News,” “Fair and Balanced,” and “We Report, You Decide,” fewer and fewer people trust so-called mainstream media. According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, over 58% of respondents agreed with the statement,… Continue Reading

7. A Ridiculous Reality

The scale of the absurdity that we’re currently witnessing surpasses imagination. Fear of catching this virus has overcome reason and driven people to take “precautions” that are not only unprecedented but truly preposterous. You may wonder how anyone could be… Continue Reading

8. The Tragic Costs

“If it saves just one life…” is a common justification for a host of uncomfortable, unnatural, and, as we have seen, unnecessary behaviors that include requiring perfectly healthy adults and even little children to mask their faces; avoiding the elderly;… Continue Reading