Truth about the Freedom Convoy

An enormous convoy of many thousands of Canadian (and U.S.) truckers began in Vancouver on January 23, 2022, and traveled over 2,000 miles across Canada and protest in the capital city of Ottawa and in a host of other cities. As of February 7, 2022, the majority are still there, patiently waiting but being increasingly harassed by the police.

Why? Why have they left their families, spent literally millions of dollars on gasoline, and come to Ottawa to sit in their trucks in below-freezing temperatures?

Because Canada, like many countries, has imposed illegal, unethical, and destructive restrictions on its citizens for the past two years. The straw that broke the Canadian camel’s back was yet another unlawful decree that took effect in January requiring truckers to either show proof of Covid vaccination or submit to a two-week quarantine – or, in some cases, be turned away at the border.

This mandate, perhaps more than any other, made it crystal clear that “Covid” restrictions have zero to do with public health, as evidenced by the fact that no one so much as pretends to be interested in whether any of the drivers have natural immunity to Covid-19 and by the sheer nonsense of imposing injections on workers who spend almost their entire workday alone in the cab of a truck. Canadians, along with citizens around the world, are peeking behind the curtain and realizing that the mandates do not spring from any concern for anyone’s well-being – except that of the self-proclaimed “elites.”

Please don’t misunderstand: the great majority of protesters have received Covid “jabs,” and they have made it abundantly clear that the protest is NOT in opposition to the shots but to MANDATING them.

The truckers have one demand: an end to the unlawful mandates that violate the Canadian Charter of Rights, similar to the Bill of Rights in the U.S. (In fact, the last surviving author of the charter, which was created in 1982, is suing the Canadian government for breaches of many of the rights enumerated in that document.)

Meanwhile, Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has flatly refused to meet with the protesters. In fact, just before the truckers arrived, he took to Twitter to explain that although he “tested negative,” he had been “exposed” to Covid and would therefore be self-isolating. A few days later, he left Ottawa, saying that he would not meet with the protesters.

If you have heard little or nothing about this mammoth, multi-national demonstration, I hope you will watch the following videos and then consider turning off the “news” for good. Please click on Helpful Resources from the menu above for a list of alternate, unpolished, independent journalists who actually provide sources for their reports, so that you can verify the information for yourself. People who tell the truth are happy to have you doublecheck what they say and would never ask you to blindly trust them.