My name is Karen Hyatt, and I have been studying geopolitics for almost 14 years. My goal is to share information with you that is generally squelched by mainstream media outlets.

What’s different about this site? Well, while there are vast amounts of publicly available data on Covid-19, it is often shared by people who actually impede – rather than promote – the spread of accurate information by making it totally unpalatable. Social media posts on the subject of Covid-19 are frequently accompanied by insults, condescension, name-calling, and other personal attacks. Trying to spread truth while insulting the very people you’re hoping to reach is both rude and completely counterproductive.

For this reason, I have not provided a comment section on my site. You’re welcome to contact me with comments, criticisms, or suggestions, but there is no place for reader-to-reader interaction. Please contact me with any feedback – positive or negative – to TruthIsReason.contact@gmail.com.

I hope you’ll explore the reports and videos included in each article, verify the information for yourself, and then share this site with friends, family, and strangers in the kindest way possible, regardless of how they respond. I would love to hear how it goes.

Thanks for taking a look. May God bless each of us.